Dracula at the Alley Theatre

The story of Dracula has been told for ages, but not quite like this. Houston’s remarkable Alley Theatre presents the spooky story in a way that is sure to be with you forever. The set, immaculately designed by the renowned Edward Gorey, is breathtaking in all three acts and matches perfectly with the ghoulish tale. Set in Late 19th Century London, witnessing the demise of Dracula brought to you by an awesome cast is a spectacular way to prepare you for the Halloween season.

The cast is made up of only eight actors who each play their roles with so much conviciton. Dr. Seward who is portrayed by Jeffrey Bean, is a local physician operating a sanatorium in London. Elizabeth Bunch acts as Lucy who is the daughter of Dr. Seward that is plagued by horrid nightmares and a mysterious loss of blood. John Harker is played by actor Chris Hutchison who is the long-time beau of Lucy. Professor Van Helsing, played by James Black, is the scientist who has been entrusted with saving Lucy’s life through the power of medicine with a side of crucifixes. Jeremy Webb, who plays the role of Renfield a mental patient of Dr. Seward, is key in carrying the story along and gives viewers details into the power of Count Dracula, along with being the comic relief. Dracula is brought to life by Jay Sullivan who delivers a wonderful performance as the charming and classic Count by day, but blood-sucking bat by night. The cast is supported by Wells the maid, played by Melissa Pritchett, and Martin the attendant brought to life by Todd Waite.


Patrons are encouraged to be interactive with the Alley Theatre by posting a selfie taken in front of a giant poster of the Playbill cover, to their social media accounts. Overall, the satirical story is a must-see, especially during the spooky season that Halloween brings.

Due to the historic downtown location currently undergoing renovations, Dracula:The Original Vampire Play will be showing at The Alley Theatre @UH on Tuesday through Sunday from now until November 2nd. Ticket prices range from $44-$91, but on each Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday at 7:30 pm, tickets are only $26 and can be purchased here. Be on the lookout for upcoming shows from The Alley like Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol which wil be showing November 21st until Christmas Eve.


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