Get Out and VOTE!

With the mid-term elections less than 2 weeks away, it is time for you to make your concerns known and put into office someone who can put laws into place. In an effort to bring out more Millenial and minority voters, Rock The Vote invited Lil’ Jon and a host of other young celebs to be in a campaign promo video. On top of being hilarious, the video gives celebrities a chance to share the reason why they are turning out to vote in the mid-term elections on November 4th. #TurnOutForWhat

MILLENIALS HAVE THE GREATEST IMPACT IN THE WORLD AND IN GOVERNMENT TODAY! But we don’t turn out to vote. Have you seen the young people protesting in Hong Kong? They are taking charge of their future government, so why can’t we do the same with a simple vote? We already have enough people against this generation who foolishly stereotype us like Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle (skip to 2:00 for the panel). It’s time that we do .. We will be the ones running this country some day soon and if the foundation for our future isn’t set, we are surely headed for destruction and corruption in our government.

For minorities it is just as difficult, if not more, to make the vote count. The government has implemented and imposed many new stipulations that directly affect the voting rights of minorities. Decades after fighting for the right to vote, African-Americans are still fighting and we must exercise this right to show that we won’t be silenced. If you have no other reason to vote, at least turn out to prove your issues worth being addressed.

Listed below are a few of the Texas Governmental positions and the candidates who will be writing the laws for the next 4 years for all Texas residents.

Texas MidTerm Ballot Candidates:

U.S. Senate

  • David Alameel (Democrat)
  • John Cornyn (Republican)
  • Rebecca Paddock (Libertarian)
  • Emily Marie “SpicyBrown” Sanchez (Green Party)

Gubernatorial (Governor)

  • Greg Abbott (Republican)
  • Wendy Davis (Democrat)
  • Kathie Glass (Libertarian)
  • Brandon Parmer (Green Party)

Lt. Governor

  • Dan Patrick (Republican)
  • Leticia Van de Putte (Democrat)
  • Robert D. Butler (Libertarian)
  • Chandrakantha Courtney (Green Party)

Attorney General

  • Ken Paxton (Republican)
  • Sam Houston (Democrat)
  • Jamie Balagia (Libertarian)
  • Jamar Osborne (Green Party)

Early voting polls are open now until October 31st and Election Day is November 4th. Learn about the candidates and the issues they are supporting. Go to the polls ready to make the best decision for the situations that involve your everyday life. PLEASE HAVE A FORM OF IDENTIFICATION AT THE POLLS, as this could prevent you from casting your vote. There are a few websites you can visit to get more information on voting, what to bring, locations, candidates and volunteering. is the national website, is for all Texas residents and for those of you living within Harris County limits, visit


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