Painting With A Twist

Looking for something to do for a fun date night? Or maybe even an unconventional girls night in? Well Painting With A Twist should be at the top of your list! Painting and sipping wine sounds like a bad combination, but you’re bound to make fun memories with this great activity.

Painting With A Twist is an exciting paint studio where you are welcomed to bring your own wine to sip as you engage in an 2-hour long painting course. The class is lead by a magnificent art instructor who teaches and entertains at the same time. My friend Meagan and I visited the Painting With A Twist studio on Westheimer on a Saturday night when the featured painting was titled ‘Girlfriends.’ This was the perfect painting for us to attend because we’re always looking to find a new hangout and places to spend our time. Our instructor Leo guided us throughout the class, making sure we blended our colors and gave our canvas detail. We each brought a bottle of wine and somehow neither bottle made it to the end of the class. The people in this class were extra, super friendly so we were able to laugh, mingle, and share ideas with many different people. Our art came out very nice and we had a great time sharing and mingling with the other art classmates.


If you are interested in attending a course, be sure to register for a session early as they do tend to fill up as the date approaches. Also, all studios are open to hosting parties and large group events where you can personalized a themed painting. Visit the Painting With A Twist website to find out more information and if you have any questions. I guarantee these classes are fun and you are bound to meet new people and even make a few friends.


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