Album Drop Tuesday: Jazmine Sullivan and Meghan Trainor

We are starting 2015 in the best way possible! The new-age soul queen has made her way back to music after nearly five years of being M.I.A. And the latest pop-powerhouse is debuting her work today. Let’s see what they have in store for us.25565-reality-show

When I tell ya’ll I have been missing this Heaven-sent, soul-stirring, bit of songstress…please believe me! Jazmine Sullivan took a break from music and has been out of the game since early 2011. She made her powerful debut in 2008 with Fearless, giving us hits such as ‘Bust Your Windows’ and ‘Need U Bad.’ I know you remember jamming to them in 10th grade, because I was right there with you. For her comeback album Reality Show, Jazmine has been spinning her latest single ‘Forever Don’t Last’ on radios across the nation and it has been very well received. That, I’m sure, is just a taste of the what we can expect on the full album. Please support this beautiful and wonderfully talented woman!



‘All About That Bass’ is the jam that put Meghan Trainor on the map, empowering women everywhere to flaunt what they have and be proud to be about that bass. She has topped charts with that single alone and recently added another with ‘Lips Are Moving.’ Trainor’s debut album Title is sure to be packed with fun, up-tempo songs that are anthems for the ladies. Guys may even find a song or two for them to jam to.


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