Month: January 2016

Album Drop Tuesday: Future, Curren$y, Lecrae, Migos, Meek Mill, and Panic! at the Disco

We have a lil bit of trap, a lil bit of rap, a lil bit of gospel and a lil bit of rock this week. Not many albums, but a few hot mixtapes that are a must listen. Check it out to see who’s giving us good¬†music this week.

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David Bowie, Global Icon

Ziggy Stardust. Thin White Duke. The white Prince.¬†Whatever you know him as, he’s impacted pop culture in your lifetime in some way, shape or form. He served the entertainment world for nearly five decades and still had a lot more music left in him to give to the world.

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New Year, New Beginnings, New Perspective

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow! It is now 2016 and I’m ashamed of myself for going through 2015 without doing any posting on this blog. Please forgive my neglect, but I really had a busy and eventful 2015 full of learning and growing which lead to my attention being pulled away from this. I never forgot about YBC, but could hardly find time to keep up with my vision for this. Enough with my excuses though, it’s a new year and I have vowed to do better for myself and for others. Continue reading