New Year, New Beginnings, New Perspective

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow! It is now 2016 and I’m ashamed of myself for going through 2015 without doing any posting on this blog. Please forgive my neglect, but I really had a busy and eventful 2015 full of learning and growing which lead to my attention being pulled away from this. I never forgot about YBC, but could hardly find time to keep up with my vision for this. Enough with my excuses though, it’s a new year and I have vowed to do better for myself and for others.

For a quick recap career wise, 2015 was the year I put my plans into action. I started the year off with a job doing some public relations and social media for a drug rehabilitation company. I learned so much and had a great time being at the company. After about four months, I was offered a job as a newspaper reporter at my current job with Houston Community Newspapers. This was truly a blessing and I have enjoyed every moment of working there. I’ve met so many wonderful people in the communities I cover and have made many connections. This position has kept me really busy, but it’s a great kind of busy.

In every other aspect, I learned a lot and changed a few of my old habits over the year. I started going to the gym 3-5 days of the week and really transformed my lifestyle and my body. I feel a lot better, I live a lot better and have something that keeps my stress and anxiety down. There were friendships and relationships that I made better when I began to express myself and share more. My friends taught me a lot about myself through our interactions, conversations and many experiences. I became a little bit more involved at my church in 2015 as well by working with the youth ministry. My train of thought and the way I handle particular situations have changed as well.

I, of course, attended many events, movies, shows, and visited new places in 2015. The few concerts I attended included Jazmine Sullivan, Erica Campbell, The Love N’ Soul tour, and watched the live streamed Eephus tour in addition to a number of underground shows here in Houston. Though I have been before, I took a trip to Atlanta with my sister during the summer and had an amazing time doing and seeing things outside of the usual tourist stops. 2015 also allowed me the opportunity to get a few celebrity interviews including Erica Campbell, DJ Chose, Raheem DeVaughn, Leela James and few others.

Overall 2015 was a great year and I could never complain about any hard times I did have as the good happening in my life always outweighed the bad. I got on track with where I want my career to go, I made many connections, became involved in new endeavors, had many great experiences, was offered opportunities I never though imaginable and became a better me.

I did away with “resolutions” a few years ago and opted instead to write down a list of goals that I want accomplished for that year. Throughout the year I reflect back on the list and check off the goals I have obtained and for the most part, I reach nearly all of them. For this year, I have set my goals and I have every intention on reaching and exceeding them. I don’t openly share these goals with others because they are personal for me and I’ve always been a smidge superstitious, but just know they’re there. I have plans to grow and learn from all of my experiences this year. I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring!


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