Houston Restaurant Weeks: Grace’s

This next stop for Houston Restaurant Weeks was Grace’s located in the very prestigious neighborhood of Upper Kirby and River Oaks.

Grace’s is founded and owned by none other than Johnny Carrabba of the popular Carrabba’s chain that can be found around Houston. This restaurant was inspired and appropriately named after Carrabba’s grandmother Grace Mandola.

Coming into the restaurant, guests are given the warm feeling of being home as the dining rooms feature high ceilings, portraits, China dishes and elegant detail along the walls. The windows are high and wide, allowing lots of light to enter and brighten the area. Many families and friend groups frequent the restaurant as it accommodates for large groups.


On this visit, I did not choose from the HRW menu because I went during a weekend brunch. However, Grace’s is listed as a participating HRW restaurant and I wanted to try something new. That’s partly what Restaurant Weeks is about, right? Here’s what I ordered.

Bananas Foster Pancakes


Yes, this is just as delectable as it looks! These pancakes were by far the best idea that has been brought to life. Three warm, fluffy pancakes topped with caramelized bananas, caramel bourbon sauce and a whopping dollop of Mexican vanilla ice cream. The bourbon sauce was so rich, sweet and flavorful! I could drink it alone. All of the flavors complimented each other very well. The smooth, creamy ice cream was different for me as part of a breakfast meal, but I had no complaints. This dish is absolutely wonderful and could honestly be your breakfast, brunch, or dessert.


Southern Fried Pork Chop and Eggs


What could be more evident of a classic country breakfast than a fried pork chop with eggs and potatoes? This is what drew me to this dish, having a taste of southern comfort food. The pork chop was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and served with a side of creamy jalepeño gravy.  The potatoes had the right amount of seasoning, flavor and crispiness. the eggs were simple, light and very fluffy. Overall, you can not go wrong with this country classic.

Grace’s was a wonderful experience and I have plans to visit the restaurant much more in the future to learn more about their dinner menu.

Stay tuned to see where I go next!


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