Album Drop Tuesday: Trey Songz and Cardi B

Trey Songz is getting fans ready for a new album with the third installation of Anticipation, while everybody’s favorite stripper turned rapper Cardi B is giving us music to rock to FOREVAAA!

Anticipation 3


Mr. Steal  Yo Girl is back with some new music in an effort to do what he does best…steal ya girl. On this new mixtape, each track is very sensual, sexual, and emotional as many have grown to expect from the R&B crooner. With a little support from MikexAngel, Trey Songz has provided 11 songs on this new project and it’s sure to put you in a certain kind of mood. Songz provides opportunity for a few up and coming artists to shine on this project as he invites Chisanity, Justine Darcenne, and Dave East on  a number of songs. If this is any indication of what we should expect on his upcoming album Tremaine, then I’m all here for it! Check out the new mixtape here.

Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2


Say what you want about my girl Cardi B, but you can’t say her music not hype. As the follow-up to her rap debut mixtape released early 2016, Cardi is back and is coming even harder on this album. The leading single from the project “Lick,” is giving fans major energy, fun, and realness. Known for her raw delivery and wordplay, Cardi B is looking to be the rap game’s current under dog. Representing the Bronx with everything in her, she goes hard on every track and makes sure everyone knows she can’t be taken for a fool. Staying true to her New York roots, Cardi invites a few local artists on a number of tracks.  Take a listen to GBMV2 on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.


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