Fashion Forward: Meye Chic Bow Ties

Not many women believe bow ties are a gender neutral fashion choice, but one trendy lady is doing her part to inspire women to step outside their fashion comfort zone with the debut of her line of bow ties.

Mimi Irvin is the creative designer and owner of Meye Chic Bow Ties, a line of handmade ribbon bow ties for women. These hot, new accessories are perfect to brighten your outfit and draw all attention to your look! Being a woman who has worked in corporate America for over 13 years –currently an Innovation Technical Lead at a powerful Houston-area firm – Irvin sets herself apart by keeping her exceptional style in the workplace.

“I wear my natural hair. I wear my vintage. That’s another thing with my label. Just being able to show women that you can be yourself, still be professional and continue to climb the corporate ladder if that’s your choice.”

Being a lover of vintage fashion, Mimi began her business Meye Label Vintage Online Resale Shop in 2014 and it has grown phenomenally over such a short period of time. Irvin was inspired to expand her business to designing bow ties through her passion to help women maintain their personal style in any environment while still being unique and classy. Her initial test with the bow tie look was at a fashion show and she received great feedback from attendees.

“I had models there and I wanted some continuity with all of models. It started out with just a white, crisp blouse and then I added a glitz bow to it. What I received from the people was, ‘I just want the bow.’”

The Meye Chic Bow Tie line debuted at the First Friday Happy Hour held monthly at The Gite Gallery in Houston’s Third Ward neighborhood. Irvin says it was only right for her to showcase her new fashion line at The Gite Gallery.

“Gite Gallery, Lloyd Gite has been a true supporter of me since I launched my label. I actually had my launch party here for my label three years ago. He is definitely a big supporter and I wouldn’t have it at any other place.”

The bow ties are all of Irvin’s creative designs, most of which she creates with her love of color and pattern in mind. She says the bow ties are a great way to try something new.

“I think for women who don’t [wear color and patterns], this is an easy way to start incorporating this into their attire.”

Many styles and designs are available for clients to choose from. Irvin also customizes bow ties to fit any color, pattern, and size you need.

Irvin is looking forward to what Meye Chic Bow Ties will bring to women’s fashion everywhere. She hopes women will be inspired to switch up what they wear, try new accessories and diversify their style with the help of chic, classy bow ties.

“This has really been very positive. I’m very excited. With this, I actually now want to take it to where women can just have their accessory piece as it relates to their socks – trouser socks. Now you have your My Chic Bows to go with it, so I think it will evolve into something great.”

You can find Meye Chic Bow Ties online at More of Mimi’s vintage clothing items and fashionable looks are available on Instagram @meyelabel and @officialcorporatechick.


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