“Real Lives, Real Money” Is Your Guide to Wealth

Being a millennial, we are in the days of coming into our careers and building our future. Many of us are moving up in our jobs, are experiencing new income, and even more responsibilities especially when it comes to our finances.

For some, we are unaware of how to save, how to pay off debt, or even putting away money that can be used toward future endeavors. It’s almost as if we need a special course in managing money and accumulating wealth. Real Lives, Real Money is that course!

bookcoverReal Lives, Real Money is an outstanding book highlighting many life circumstances we may go through that will directly affect our finances. Written by Cheryl Creuzot, a well-respected Financial Planner for over 30 years, readers are able to learn financial strategies and tips that will put you on the path to success. This book is suitable for everyday people at any income level. It’s never too late to begin accumulating wealth!

Prize Phrase: WEALTHY ME

I had the honor to be on the team who helped develop this book and I have learned so much from Mrs. Creuzot and her team about putting myself in place to grow financially and preparing for anything life throws at me. Real Lives, Real Money shows you that you can never truly know what life will bring you, but you can be equipped with the knowledge to handle any setback so that your money is protected and is there to help get you back on track. It is great advice for any age and income and was very much inspired by Tina Knowles-Lawson.

Cheryl Creuzot will be at Essence Festival on Friday, June 30th speaking about her book. She will be located at the Empowerment Stage in the Convention Center at 12:45pm!

You can purchase Real Lives, Real Money here.


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