A Young BC

Hello Conglomerates!

I am Taelor Smith, a 25 year old Houstonian and Multimedia Journalist. Music, news and artistry  has always been my fascination and over the years developed into a passion for learning and sharing. My curiosity carried me through grade school where I spent some of my free time reading and writing. I attended The University of Texas at Austin where I received my Bachelor of Journalism in May 2014 and moved back to Houston. Since being back, I have kept busy by exploring my city, reconnecting with friends and family,  and working as a marketing assistant at d-mars.com.

Young, Black Conglomerate serves as a look into the various ideas, activities, opinions and joys of my life. It is titled “Young, Black Conglomerate” because I feel that it describes me perfectly. I’m young. I’m Black. And I’m a conglomerate, though not in the sense of geology or a corporation, but I am made up of many diverse parts that directly shape my life into who I am. Here you can find news from around the world, entertainment updates, happening events, food and lifestyle tips. I aim to provide an array of diverse topics that affect me as a Black woman of this generation and present them as thoughts, reviews, and articles. The Young, Black Conglomerate blog is geared to informing the world of news seldom heard or often overlooked but still maintains a sense of importance. This blog also serves as a hub for the latest in music and entertainment, and a documentation of life the way I see it.

Should you have any questions or blog ideas for me, PLEASE feel free to contact and share with me. Enjoy being a young, black conglomerate!


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