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AJ McQueen Tells Us To Move On with The Gr8 Progression

Many recognize AJ McQueen for his smooth poetry and continuous activism on behalf of the black community. Now on his ever-evolving journey of life, McQueen is ready to show the world he has BARS with the debut of his new EP, The Gr8 Progression. Continue reading


The Week We Celebrate America’s Freedom

At the start of this week, we celebrated America with fireworks, patriotism and community. By Friday, the country is in utter turmoil, much blood has been shed and innocent lives have been lost. Continue reading

BET Awards 2016 Recap

Did you miss the world’s largest black family reunion last night? No worries, I’ll catch you up! The 2016 BET Awards was nothing short of amazing and one of the most memorable award shows in recent years. Legends were honored, audiences were entertained, and outright “proud of my blackness” was at an all time high. I’m sure EVERY person of color is at their job this morning sporting luscious afros and colorful dashikis while staring down their melanin-less counterparts.

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I’m Starting to think Macklemore Gets It…I Think

White rappers have long stood out in the realm of black music and oftentimes becoming more successful than the black artists in the genre who deserve more recognition. Macklemore, a highly successful white rapper, released a new song where he blatantly expresses white guilt and spreads the word of cultural appropriation.

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Movie Monday: Selma

With the current state of race relations in America being what it is today, the historical film Selma could not have come at a more opportune time to remind society of how far we’ve come and how much further we need to go toward civil rights. Nor could I find a better day, being the nationally recognized holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., or movie to begin the new #MovieMonday series with. This movie gives so much more significance to a man and one of his many movements that helped advance the United States, socially and politically. Continue reading

Get Out and VOTE!

With the mid-term elections less than 2 weeks away, it is time for you to make your concerns known and put into office someone who can put laws into place. In an effort to bring out more Millenial and minority voters, Rock The Vote invited Lil’ Jon and a host of other young celebs to be in a campaign promo video. On top of being hilarious, the video gives celebrities a chance to share the reason why they are turning out to vote in the mid-term elections on November 4th. #TurnOutForWhat Continue reading