Learn How You Can Become The Top Recruit

High school student-athletes tend to have big dreams of going to college on sport scholarships and playing in professional leagues soon after. So often, these dreams are interrupted with reality and although the talent is there, many students and their families are not equipped with the tools needed to go to the next level. Anthony Harrison’s new book, The Top Recruit, hopes to be the guide that student athletes need to better reach their goals. Continue reading


Green Smoothie Diet

Before moving back to Houston, I was living on my own and had become accustomed to eating and living a totally different way than my family, something that most college students go through. I exercised at least 4 days a week and ate a whole lot better, staying away from fast food and unhealthy choices most of time. Moving back home and basically having unlimited access to free food had really set me back on my healthy eating and living. Realizing that I had slipped up on my healthy lifestyle, I challenged myself to a 5 day green smoothie diet as a quick detox and jumpstart back into my healthy habits. Continue reading